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Monday, 10 May 2010

Liga Sagres: Sport Lisboa e Benfica 2-1 Rio Ave Futebol Clube

Sport Lisboa e Benfica is the new Portuguese League Champion. After the victory of last Sunday afternoon against Rio Ave FC Benfica celebrates one more Title of the Club’s long history.

Benfica began the game very strong and achieved the goal soon, on the third minute, by Óscar Cardozo. Few minutes later the Brazilian Wíres made a unnecessary fault over Ramires and saw the red card (11’). The red fans would have probably preferred that the referee Jorge Sousa, did not send the Rio Ave FC player out, this because they were perfectly conscious that our players would win that game, although the difficulties they might face. The red players had few real chances after that episode but the majority of the time had the ball with them selves.

The last 45’ minutes of the season started and Rio Ave fell that they could do history playing in front of 64.103 spectators and they started to approach the eagles area. In reality, they scored by Ricardo Chaves (72’) and left the public present and the millions following by the TV apprehensive. But Cardozo wanted to have a preponderant paper on the “movie” and scored the second goal of the game. With this goal, the 26th of the League, Tacuara achieved the Silver Ball a trophy given by the Portuguese Sports Newspaper “Abola”, being the better scorer of the Liga Sagres and left the fans start the festivities.

The eagle players received the medals and the Liga Sagres trophy on the end of the game. Now that the 32nd Portuguese Championship is won, it is time to celebrate. A club like Benfica with so many followers all over Portugal and also all over the world, needs to win competitions, always respecting the opponents of course, but it’s in our blood, in our veins, the necessity of winning Trophies. The Club, the players and the fans deserve to keep on winning, with fair play and on an honest way, like we all did on the season that is now coming to an end.

Portuguese Newspapers

Sport Lisboa e Benfica
Portuguese Liga Sagres 2oo9/1o Champion !

To say the truth, it’s a pity that this season is already ending, because it was wonderful to see our heroes playing on the pitch, on each weekend and on each game...

The blogger will now go on holidays hopping to be back soon!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Liga Sagres: Futebol Clube do Porto 3-1 Sport Lisboa e Benfica

SL Benfica was defeated last Sunday on Dragão Stadium. The Jorge Jesus team could have celebrated the Champioship on the city of Porto, but the FC Porto players orientated by J. Ferreira didn’t allowed it.

The reds started very well the game and could have scored on two chances. The first from Di Maria when he shoot the bar and the other from Javi Garcia when appeared alone in front of Beto, the FC Porto goalkeeper, missing the chance. FC Porto scored on the best moment, just before the end of the first half, by Bruno Alves (42’).

Jorge Jesus knew that a simple point was enough to celebrate the title had the team fell that and scored, by Luisão (56’) just after Fucile the FC Porto defender saw the red card. Few minutes later the game become decided when E. Farias coming from a doubtful outside position scored, just when J. Ferreira was going to take him out of the game. The reds tried to react but Bellushi (82’) “killed” the game making a fantastic goal, on a shot from the left that gave no chance to Quim.

FC Porto played better and deserved the victory, unfortunately for them SC Braga also won their game and removed the possibility of FC Porto achieve the Champions League on the next season. Olegário Benquerença was the referee of the game and his decisions were not determinant on the final result. During the game Di Maria, Fábio Coentrão and Javí Garcia saw yellow cards that won’t allow them to be present on the last decisive game. Negativ was again the posture of some persons on the public inside and ouside the Dragão Stadium.

Now the Eagles will be able to celebrate the conquer of the Portuguese League, but for that they have to play better on the next home game and although not needing a victory, win the game.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Liga Sagres: Sport Lisboa e Benfica 5-0 Sporting Clube Olhanense

Last Saturday, more than 62000 people assisted to another unquestionable victory from Benfica. The reds received the team from Algarve, SC Olhanense and won the game, a five null victory, was the final result. The game started very well for SLB, making a tremendous pressing over the adversary. The players from SC Olhanense, fighting to avoid the relegation to the other division, revealed some nervousism. The Brazilian player Delson demonstrated precisely that insecurity, and saw two yellow cards on the first ten minutes. Initially touched the ball with his hand on the area and originated a penalty, that was converted by Cardozo (3'). The second yellow card, after committing an unnecessary fault near the midfield. Lucilio Batista the referee of the game couldn't have avoid showing this SC Olhanense player the respective red card. The Algarve become even more fragile when Di Maria (18’) reached the second goal few minutes later.
The second part started and before the 15th minute SL Benfica had already scored two more goals, both from Óscar Cardozo (54’ and 56’). Taquara that is trying to be the player with more goals scored on the Portuguese League this year. For now he is on top but Falcao the FCP player is just behind him. Jorge Costa substituted Djalmir and Ukra for Toy and Yazalde but they also could not avoid one more goal from the eagles, this time scored by Pablo Aimar (79’).
Two games to the Portuguese League terminates and the Champion is not yet reached. Benfica has a tuff challenge next weekend when the Jorge Jesus players play in Dragão against FC Porto. Only one point is needed to achieve the victory in the Championship, but also the Porto players need points to dream with the access to the Champions League. The second place is occupied by the fantastic team of SC Braga that also tries to win the League. The games on the next weekend will all be at the same time on Sunday evening, let’s just ask for Fair Play and emotive games.

Futsal European Champions:

UEFA Futsal Cup » SL Benfica 3-2 Interviú Madrid

This weekend was also important for our Club on other sport, Futsal. In fact, SL Benfica conquered the UEFA Futsal cup, on a final against the Spanish team of Interviú Madrid. The final result was obtains on extra time and the crowd loved it. Playing at home, Pavilhão Atlântico in Lisbon, the public made the difference. 9400 persons assisted to the game enthusiastically and vibrated with the victory. The heroes of were Pedro Costa, Ricardinho, Queiroz, Arnaldo, Davi, Zé maria, Gonçalo Alves, César Paulo, Marinho, Rúben Simões and the goalkeepers Bebé and Zé Carlos, trained by the veteran André Lima.

Benfica's Eagle Victory


Uefa Europa League

Uefa Europa League

Season 2oo9/1o

Season 2oo9/1o